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Project Evaluation

England and Wales Cricket Board - NatWest CricketForce

ECB appointed TrioPlus to evaluate the impact of NatWest CricketForce - a programme designed to encourage community cricket clubs to prepare for the new season in April and, at the same time, recruit volunteer support.

A highly successful programme, in 2012, nearly 2,000 clubs were involved. The volunteer value is nearly £2million over a single weekend and the capital value is a similar figure.

TrioPlus undertook a detailed evaluation of the programme: background research; detailed survey of clubs (both participating and non-participating in NatWest CricketForce); interviews with ECB, NatWest and other commercial partners; positioning of NatWest CricketForce in overall ECB Facilities and Funding Strategies.

England and Wales Cricket Board - Wet Weather Impact Study

2012 will go down as one of the wettest summers ever recorded. The ECB was so concerned with the reported impact on activity and club finances, that it commissioned TrioPlus to compile evidence and to quantify the impact of the summer of 2012 on recreational cricket. The ECB asked TrioPlus to undertake an assessment of the disruption to cricket and to assess the impact from four perspectives: participation and loss of matches; damage to Facilities; financial implications; administrative burden on clubs and County Boards.

Through this work, the ECB wished to be in a position to offer best advice and support to Clubs and County Boards should the conditions of 2012 be repeated in future years. It also wanted to use the independent study to request additional resources to deal with immediate issues and reparative action in respect of 2012 and to raise public awareness of the real impact on cricket of Summer 2012.

Within a short timeframe, TrioPlus conducted a survey of over 1400 cricket clubs and consulted with County Boards, local authorities, ECB staff and suppliers, and undertook research on the impact on activity on Cricket League and other websites in order to compile an estimate of financial loss to the recreational game and to propose a number of actions in order to mitigate future loss due to wet weather conditions.

Lawn Tennis Association/Tennis Foundation - Community Tennis Centres

As part of the evolving strategy of the Tennis Foundation, the organisation commissioned TrioPlus to undertake an in-depth study into the 'health' of indoor and outdoor community tennis centres and to highlight challenges and good practice in order to improve the performance of the existing and new centres in the delivery of tennis, against a background of reduced public sector funding.

TrioPlus undertook an audit including visits to 53 indoor and 35 outdoor tennis centres that identified key strategic issues across the network; assessed the effectiveness of engagement and communication between the centres and the LTA; reviewed the facilities, operations and finance.

The results of the study provided essential data and analysis to enable the Tennis Foundation to develop its strategy for sustainable public sector tennis as an on-going programme to grow the sport.

Phillip Sandilands and David Carpenter led the study, which had particular resonance, as they were instrumental in developing the original concept of community indoor tennis centres - the Indoor Tennis Initiative programme - launched in 1986!

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